Working with Not-for-Profit

Dedicating studio time to work with Not for Profit (NFP) organisations was on our ‘what kind of business do we want’ list scribbled on a napkin 10 years ago. The original plan was to work with a different organisation each year – but hey, what did we know about running a design studio back then.

We were lucky to start working with our first NFP in 2007 (within our first year as a grown up design studio). Little did we know that if we were to stick to our plan, it meant ending a rewarding, fulfilling, enjoyable relationship – something like, “thanks, we’ve ticked that box. Now we’ll leave you and find someone else”. How could we do that when we also wrote on that napkin that we are passionate about client collaboration?

Nope. No. Not doing it.

So here we are 10 years later – still with said NFP client (we now call it a partnership) Guide Dogs SA/NT, plus a bunch of others to add to the list.

How does it work? Well, I guess apart from being great people to work ;) with who are doing amazing work, we provide gratis account management (believe me, this adds up in agency world!) and strategic consultation / design services at a reduced rate.

We’ve been down the path of “free work for charity” and to be honest, unless something changes hands, the work is not valued. Who wants to be stuck in a disgruntled and undervalued relationship? No one (I hope). Of course providing a service for a NFP gives you the ‘warm and fuzzies’ – but treating a client’s brand like your own and seeing a meaningful difference over time is what we were really looking for...and thankfully found.

It is with great pride that we talk about our first sponsored dog with Guide Dogs SA/NT. No surprises that his name was Salmon! Sadly Salmon was quite large (picture a Horse) and energetic which meant he didn’t pass the strict guidelines to become a working dog. We do know he is in ‘early retirement’ in a loving home and we get regular updates.

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Our second bundle of joy was Winter who went on to become an Autism Assistance Dog.

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Following Winter was Sonic who went on to become a Guide Dog.

Currently we are sponsoring Polar who we have very high hopes for – how can you not with that squishy little face!

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We look forward to continuing our support for the NFP sector and hope to build a long list of people and organisations who we have helped grow.