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The Dog and Cat Management Board engaged Salmon Studio to develop the brand strategy for a new marketing campaign to reduce the incidents of serious dog attacks.

We were commissioned to create a unique name and brand identity for the campaign. Developing a shortlist of names, market research was then used to determine the name that would best convey this campaign to the community. The name “Good Dog” was chosen.

Our role also included developing a marketing strategy for the campaign that included branding materials (brochures, flyers, stationery, posters and merchandise), advertising (print, online and street), a website, an interactive trailer and several community events.

Since the campaign launch we have undertaken all account management including print and stock management, website updates and organisation of regular community events.

The Good Dog campaign was so well received by the community and local councils that we were appointed to launch a Good Cat campaign. We have since created and managed additional advertising campaigns for Good Dog “Every dog can bite” and Good Cat “Wouldn’t I be safer at home?”, plus a Homeless Cats campaign.

In 2013, we were engaged to develop a new brand for the Dog and Cat Management Board itself. The rebranding involved creating an extensive brand strategy that included a new logo and secondary branding. An important part of rebrand was developing a strategy for how a series of sub-brands would work the new Board brand.

“Salmon Studio rose to the challenge and delivered a campaign that was outstanding for its creativity, relevance and delivery. Larger agencies might have wilted under the pressure of expectations and the restrictive environment but Salmon took on the challenge with a positive attitude and delivered as promised, on time and within budget.”

Vasee Nesiah - Former Communications Officer, DCMB