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Guide Dogs SA/NT

We have been working with Guide Dogs SA/NT since 2007, providing all of their brand strategy and creative production needs. They are one of our major not-for-profit clients.

Through our work with Guide Dogs SA/NT we have had the opportunity to work on a large body of varied work. This includes working on the very important fundraising initiatives such as the Face2Face program, direct mail campaigns, lottery campaigns, quarterly newsletter and numerous fundraising calendars which are a major source of revenue for Guide Dogs SA/NT.

We also design and manage production for all the other marketing and promotional collateral that Guide Dogs SA/NT produce. These materials include brochures, stationery, signage, merchandise, event collateral, annual reports, presentations, reports, advertising, style guides, corporate collateral and much more.

Part of our role with Guide Dogs SA/NT is to manage and consult with both their marketing and fundraising teams as well as five service delivery areas. This has given us valuable experience in managing expectations and producing collateral that has to speak to various audiences.

“The high level services, attention to detail, efficient work practices, coupled with their passion for what they do has made every touch point for Guide Dogs SA/NT with Salmon Studio an enjoyable one. Salmon professionalism and talent can not be faulted.”

Lucie Reichstein - Former Marketing Manager, Guide Dogs SA/NT