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City of Unley

City of Unley has been with Salmon Studio since the beginning – we have been able to grow together.

We first started working with the City of Unley when we were commissioned to redesign ‘Unley Life’ (their community magazine).

We created a magazine that used bright colours and large images that was vastly different to the types of magazines and newsletters that other Councils were producing at the time. It has since become a much copied style.

Thankfully, due to the success of Unley Life we have been retained has their preferred design studio and now work on the majority of their corporate and marketing materials.

We have also helped the City of Unley take some of their communications needs in-house by providing templates and training for materials that require regular updating. This has been invaluable for the Community Centres and Libraries in the Council area that quite often have small or non-existent budgets.

With some work being done in-house it was important that the integrity of the brand stayed intact so we produced both visual and written style guides to ensure this happened.