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Kris Lloyd Artisan

We were approached by iconic South Australian artisan cheese maker Kris Lloyd to work on her well known Woodside Cheese Wrights brand.

After establishing a fantastic working relationship, Kris asked us to help her develop a new brand for the exciting cheeses and produce that didn’t fit under the traditional Woodside Cheese Wrights brand.

The brief was to develop a brand that truly reflects the exciting nature of the new products and Kris herself. As a nationally and internationally recognised cheese maker it made sense that Kris became the face of the new brand and therefore the Kris Lloyd Artisan brand was born.

The foundation of the brand was built around a patterned based label design that used bright, vibrant colours to create instant shelf appeal. In the traditional cheese world this design approach pushed the envelope which reflected the inspiring cheeses that were being produced.

The Kris Lloyd Artisan brand started in 2014 with the flagship Persian Feta range, which went on to win multiple national and international cheese awards. Due to success of this range the brand has grown to include over 40 products. Being headed by a range of delicious and unique cheeses, the brand has diversified to include crackers, jams, relishes, honey, olives and dried fruits, as well as a range of merchandise that includes tea towels and cooler bags.

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Due to the growing product range we knew it was important to establish consistency across the brand, so a thorough brand architecture was developed. It was decided that each range would have a unique pattern and then each product within in a range would have a combination of two bright colours (plus white) to create the pattern. Each label is then finished with the Kris Lloyd Artisan black brand square which contains the logo and product name.

The Kris Lloyd Artisan products are looking great on shelves all around Australia and the brand stands out as an exciting alternative to the competitors. The brand has been well received by existing customers and has also allowed Kris to successfully expand into new markets.

Product Photography: Nicole Cordeiro