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When Minda Incorporated came to us they were an established and recognised brand that had virtually no materials for communicating with their clients and the wider community.

Due to a wise investment in their early history Minda Incorporated (Minda) were in the lucky position of never having to raise funds like many other not-for-profit charities.

This meant that when they came to us in 2013 their marketing and fundraising materials consisted of a logo, some stationery and an in-house newsletter.

They engaged us to develop a full suite of marketing and fundraising materials to help them establish and grow new revenue streams. This included developing strategies for both direct mail and Face2Face fundraising campaigns as well as designing a newsletter that better reflected their vibrant community.

We also have produced a large amount of supporting material such as brochures, fact sheets, presentations, advertisements, signage and annual reports. In fact in just over two years we worked on over 250 jobs.

With this amount of work it was important to document everything so staff and stakeholders had a clear understanding of the brand when it was handed over to the marketing team.

So we created an extensive style guide as well as a brand architecture that documented the main brand, sub-brand, services and programs.

“Salmon Studio is a professional, ethical and trustworthy organisation who focus on quality outcomes. The team has brought a new passion and drive to our cause and has delivered solutions that at times have exceeded our expectations. I have had no hesitation in trusting Salmon Studio with the development and creation of marketing solutions and brand development. I can highly recommend the Salmon Studio team in delivery outcomes for other organisations.”

Marcus Gehrig - Executive Manager, Strategic Marketing & Fundraising, Minda